Friday, January 23, 2015

Mixed Metals

There might have been a time when fashion frowned on wearing your sterling silver earrings with gold bangles, but fashion likes to break its own rules. 10 years ago people used to think that gold and silver jewelry don’t go together. If you still think that way, now it's time to break the style rule. The contrast of mixed metals looks fresh. Mixed metal accessorizing focuses on the purposeful combination of gold, silver and other metal finishes. As we’ve seen on countless bloggers, street style stars, and celebrities, mixing metals when it comes to jewelry can look fresh and very now. The trick? Make it look deliberate as opposed to haphazard. The easiest way to do it is to up your arm-swag game by stacking bracelets in varying widths and shades of silver and gold. Same goes for necklace: layer a few in silver and gold that are both thick and thin. To really go for it, toss some rose gold in the mix, too. I'm wearing layered gold and sliver necklaces, same as my bangles and rings. For earirngs, I'm wearing the rose gold.

Photo By Julie Doro

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