Friday, January 2, 2015

First Day Back To Work - How to Step Up Your Office Look

Unfortunately the holiday is over, we all have to go back to the reality. Today is the first day back to work for most of us. Five days out of the week, every woman asks herself, “What should I wear to work?” If the tired question sounds familiar, you’re not alone. After all, it’s not easy putting together outfits that are subtle enough for a professional environment, yet stylish enough to stand out and make a positive impression. Here are some tips to step up your 9-to-5 office look:
  • Reach for the right essentials.
  • Select a sleek office bag.
  • Play with a pop of color.
  • Add simple accessories.
  • Leave it to the loafers.
  • Balance girly-girl and masculine vibes.
  • Dress down an evening skirt.
  • Balance work and play clothing.
  • Master a monochrome look.
  • Test out a printed pencil skirt.

Andrew Marc Coat (Old, Similar Here or Here)
Gucci Wallet

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