Friday, November 28, 2014

Borrow From The Boys Holiday Look

Ever since Coco Chanel stole her boyfriend’s garb back in the 20's, gentlemanly dress codes have pervaded women’s closets. Menswear-inspired looks continue to be a huge focus in fashion, particularly for fall and winter. There’s just something about men’s fashion that is simple, chic, and clean that I completely admire.

During holiday evens, you can wear tuxedos too. The formula for this outfit was taken straight from the guys at the formal party - long tuxedo blazer and striped dress pants. The form-fitting long tuxedo blazer cut the classic blazer into ultra-feminine silhouettes. I opted for a sequin blouse and satin heels to keep up the menswear-inspired vibe.

H&M Trouser (N/A Online, Similar Here)
Ferragamo Pumps
Links of London Bracelet
Links of London Earrings
Pandora Rings

Photo By Julie Doro

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Evening Holiday Look

It's time to take to your closet and start to piece together some festive outfits. New Year’s Eve, cocktail party or a holiday charity ball – you definitely have to go all out for these functions. You want to impress, but you’re also cautious to not over or under do it. It is easy to splurge on a designer dress, but you could probably get the look of this Marchesa number by just adding a gold belt to a black dress you already own. If you styled right you could look absolutely fabulous with inexpensive clothes. My dress is actually a combination of mini dress and maxi skirt. Both pieces together costed me $66 CAD ($60 USD). A silk scarf, a leather jacket or a gold belt will make your outfit look expensive instantly. Lastly, a glamorous clutch and simple yet stunning pearl jewelry are all the accessories you need for your evening holiday out.

Alexander McQueen Silk Scarf
Zara Ring (Similar Here)
Bebe Long Leather Gloves (Old, Similar Here)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Family Holiday Look

One of the most important things during holiday is getting together with families. It's fun and exciting, but when you don’t know what to wear, the experience quickly goes from fun to stressful. Big family meals during the holidays are already stressful, so there's no reason to wear uncomfortable clothes as you get grilled about your single life and dubious career choices. Opt for easy comfort dress (In my case, a jumpsuit!) and a cozy cardigan in sequin that's bright and uplifting, even if the weather is not. A set of layered necklaces is also a good conversation starter (or deviator) if thing's get weird with that recently divorced aunt. Top it off with a pair of sparkle comfort pumps.

Chanel Bag
 Salvatore Ferragamo Pumps (Old, Similar Here)

Photo by Julie Doro

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Friends Holiday Look

What are you doing this holiday? With just a week away to the US Thanksgiving, and retailers are already dressing up for Christmas. We can't help to feel the festive season's coming (For myself, I'm excited about the great deals online on Black Friday). When I think about Thanksgiving parties, I think about massive amounts of food and expandable waistlines. And of course there are all types parties - friends party, family party, office party... Evening dresses and gowns might be too fancy for casual holiday parties at home or at informal restaurants. Relaxed holiday gatherings are usually smart casual and this calls for a toned down, yet appropriate, holiday look. Sequin‬ is one of my favorite things to wear for this holiday, to make it a little bit casual, pair with leather leggings and you are all set! I love this look because it’s casual, sweet and festive. You can wear this step out for a casual dinner with friends or going to a house party.

Kelly Wearstler Fur Coat (Old, Similar Here and Here)
Michael Kors Tall Boots (Old, Similar Here)

Photo by Julie Doro

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Holiday Look :: Naughty Or Nice

It’s holiday time. It’s evening. It's time for sexy dresses. If not now, when? This season's maxi dresses are a great way to cover up on the beach, and you can wear them in the evening, too - add statement jewellery and chic platforms to go from beach to bar. A hot little LBD like this one which combines maxi and sheer puts just some of your skin in the spotlight, and you won’t need much else in the way of prep. It may be winter with a side of freezing out there, but hiding those stems completely would just be a crime. If you want to dress sexy this holiday, here are some other tips may help you manage to balance between naughty and nice. 

Cover with a cropped moto jacket. For those who have an affinity for leather layers, a laced up leather jacket gives an instant sexy look. The cropped aspect lets you pair it with just about anything. We are all about a chunky-heeled bootie to step up your game, extra platform only dials your look to prime time. Plumped-up hair is more naughty than nice—especially with a plunging neckline. 

The season for office holiday parties is here. Between the awkward chit-chat and the how-much-should-I-drink conundrum, the office party presents yet another challenge: What to wear. You don't want to dress like you are going to a night club.  So you want to look like more nice than naughty in front of your co-workers and bosses. This is the time to take the opportunity to go all out - and by all out I mean something seriously shiny that glitters at the party. One easy way to transition your work dress to the party is just simply put a sequin skirt on top of your black sweater dress and you are all set to go.

First Outfit

Topshop Bodycon Dress (Old, Current Version)
Report Velvet Booties (Similar Here)
Allsaints Ring
Tiffany & Co Bangles

Second Outfit

French Connection Sweater Dress (Old, Similar Here)
Mink Pink Sequin Skirt (Old, Similar Here and Here)
Tory Burch Pumps (Old, Similar Here)
Louis Vuitton Bag

Photo by Julie Doro

Friday, November 21, 2014

Bold Color :: Autumn Blue

It's long been understood that fall is the time to bring out your cozy colors. And by cozy, it means safe; the blacks, navys and grays that you can get lost in and be totally unself-conscious wearing. And you can probably rattle off all the usual autumnal colors with ease. But, this year, it's time to think outside the harvest. Bold colors! And there are still plenty of ways you can stay comfy while being the bright spot in your barista's day.

When it comes to fashion, Fall is probably my favourite season because I can stock up on cozy sweaters, buy new boots, and fill my wardrobes with rich colours and fabrics. Fall is actually the perfect time to wear bright and bold colours. Blue is one of my favourite colors in fall. Blue was definitely one of fall's standout colours. You saw it come down the runways in everything from navy, to powder, to royal, and we couldn't get enough. Thanks to the variety of shades, there's a perfect one for every gal's wardrobe.

If you have learned anything from color-blocking, it’s that a bold saturated hue can look even better when paired with another bold saturated hue. Don’t be afraid to wear those fuchsia suede heels or carry that bright red leather clutch—you’ll look super-modern and striking.

ALEXIS Tyler Leather Trimmed Biker Jacket (Similar Here and Here)
Vintage Fur Coat (Old, Similar Here or Here)
Zara Heels (Old, Similar Here and Here)
Tiffany & Co. Bangles
Pandora Rings

Photo by Julie Doro

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Skirts-Over-Pants Trend

You may have noticed the latest trend on a lot of fashion magazines, runways, the skirt and pants wore together. This is an interesting combination, which was popular in the ‘90s, is slowly making a comeback. The idea of wearing skirts over pants has been on fashion’s collective mind in earnest for the past year. You could just add a dress or a skirt over any old pair of pants, but that runs the risk of looking a little haphazard. So there are a few tips may help you to put together this look. 

Match your dress or skirt to your pants for one sleek look. The skirt that I added over my trouser are the same color, the skirt adds some great definition to my waist. So put a peplum dress or skirt over your pants (or leggings) will give you an ultra-feminine ensemble for the cold season and you won't be freezing. I picked a leopard blazer for this look, it adds instant-sass tomy day-and-night ensembles. 

If you are into rock chic look, look for sleek, minimal straight pants in black, white, or gray, with slim skirts that hit at the knee or above. Pair them with a slim button-down, a cropped leather moto jacket, or a hip-length sweater, and you’ll have a new fall uniform!

Koolaburra Fringe Boot (Old, Current Version)
Tiffany & Co. Bangles
Custom Made Gold Earrings (VA for Valentina and Aveline)

Photo by Julie Doro

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Canadian Layering Style :: Double Double - Double Dresses and Double Jackets

Do you ever stare at your closet full of clothes and feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear? If you're sick of wearing the same old clothes, then you can work on layering your tops, dresses, and skirts to create a new look without having to take a trip to the clothing store. The combinations are endless and you'll be surprised by what fun, original looks you can come up with with a bit of creativity!

Layering your Winter clothes but without adding bulk. This can be one of the biggest styling challenges during the cold-weather season. But when the temperatures drop, there's no other way to stay seriously warm than to pile it on. A perfectly layered look will compliment your curves and create the illusion of a more proportional silhouette.

Despite being sartorially adventurous, we are all guilty of falling into a style rut at this stage in the season. Since exposing swaths of skin will result in immediate frostbite, that's why sometimes you need to layer creatively. One way to incorporate a feminine dress into your winter wardrobe is wearing it over jeans. Pick a filmy slip dress that hits at mid-thigh, top with an oversized turtleneck, and allow the wisps of the dress to flutter as you walk. 

You can double your dresses to make layered ruffles. Make sure choose similar shades, contrasting colors and prints. Exact colors will not accentuate the layered look. Try double your coats like a blazer and a vest, a leather jacket and a faux fur coat and you can gradually peel off the layers as you thaw out. Here is how you can wear you jacket as a shirt under a coat in cold season

Muubaa Biker Jacket (Old, Similar Here and Here)
Aritzia Leather Belt (Old, Similar Here)
House Of Harlow Earrings (Old, Similar Here)
Tory Burch Tall Boots (Old, Similar Here)

Photo by Julie Doro