Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Style A Cardigan Coat

With the cold weather in full swing, the winter coat is now the most important article in our cold season closet. When the temperature drops, our coats go from being an extra layer to a must-have functional essential. Since it's not totally freezing yet, cardigan coats are warm enough to be worn in parts of the world with a more mild winter, and it's perfect for keeping you warm – but not too warm – yet still looking chic. The soft knit adds texture while being casual with loose, draping open front, while the jacket thickness and long length adds warmth and sturdiness. How to wear cardigans without looking like your grandma? Mastering the art of the cardigan is a difficult trick. Fitted options can leave you feeling like a Stepford wife, while oversized ones can swallow you whole or make a polished outfit look way too casual. Well the trick to wearing a cardigan coat and not looking like a total throwback is to pair it with simple, modern pieces with a little edge.  Throw a belt on over your cardigan, right at your waist is always a great idea. What are your best tips for styling a cardigan?

Zara Faux Leather Top (Similar Here)
Gold Chevron Necklace by Standout Boutique
Tiffany & Co. Bangles
Rings by Pandora

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fur Jacket And White Jeans

Faux fur is my favorite thing to wear in cold season, it's arguably the warmest option for winter. Faux fur coats are a mix of fashion and comfort. Unless you're in for the real deal, faux fur is a great way to experiment to with one of this season's hottest trends. For fashionistas who want to dabble in fur, now you can opt for the pretend kind that's also much cheaper and easier to maintain than the real stuff. Today, so many fashionistas are also quite socially conscious, and retailers have taken notice. Whereas fake fur and leather were once cheap-looking and tawdry, many of today’s pieces look almost identical to the real thing. I have previously wrote a post on Tips on How to Wear Faux Fur This Cold Season, today we are talking about the simplest way to style your faux fur jacket this season. Just throw on your favorite jeans and ankle booties and you’re done. I'm wearing one of my favorite summer pieces - the white denim jeans. But here they appear to be winter white when I pair them with a faux fur jacket. It's always a good idea to add some popped color in fall/winter, and of course a silk shirt will always make your outfit look expensive.

Dolce Cabo Faux Fur Jacket (Similar Here)
Zara Booties (Similar Here)
Tiffany & Co. Bangles
Rings by Pandora

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Plaid On Plaid Is The New Plaid

It isn’t a totally new trend, but it’s EVERYWHERE. Plaid was so major in the 90s — and who could forget the amazing looks in Clueless? Whether they’re opting for laid back looks or getting glam, plaid is so popular. No only the trend is so hot right now, this cold season the super trend plaid has been elevated to a new level. Plaid on plaid is the last word on the street. And if you were already squeamish about sporting simple plaid to the office, I can only imagine how you must feel about plaid squared. The keys to rocking this look at the office are subtlety and deflection. In plain English, pick a plaid in classic colors. Pair with clean lines, plain colors and conservative accessories.

A small leopard accessory such as a hand bag or a pair of oxfords works great on The Plaid On Plaid look.

Zara Coat (Similar Here)
Rings by Pandora

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fur, Leather and Lace

I have already wrote a post on How to style a faux fur vest this fall.  Today we are trying a different way to style a faux fur vest again. When looking at ways to wear a faux fur vest, daytime outfit options are usually the easiest to work with. However, a faux fur vest can look sophisticated when worn as evening wear. Instead of a tan or brown color, opt for a sleek black or white number. Wear it over a slinky dress and max out on opulent accessories. If you’re a cool customer, then you might be interested in working a minimal and monochrome outfit. It’s perfect for those who prefer a sleek and sophisticated look. You can’t go wrong with an all black outfit and the addition of the faux fur vest will add an interesting textural element to your look. Of course, you can’t get away from leather at the moment. Since you’re already on the animal-friendly route with your faux fur vest, you can always opt for leather of the fake variety too. For me, faux fur vests conjure up images of retro, bohemian looks. The retro revival is also alive and well, so now is the time to team your faux fur vests with floppy wide brimmed hats. Keep your jewellery to a minimum and accessorise with a compact handbag. A faux fur vest will add a luxe touch to any outfit. What are your best tips for styling faux fur vests?

Showing off your nice figure by throw a belt on over your faux fur vest, right at your waist is a great idea to style a long vest.

Via Spiga Faux Fur Vest (Similar Here)
Aritzia Lace Dress (Similar Here)
Zara Faux Leather Top (Similar Here)
Zara Boots (Similar Here)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wear A Leather Jacket As A Shirt

Cold weather is all about layerings. How can we stay warm and cozy at same time looking chic? How about wear your jacket as a shirt and throw a belt on over it, right at your waist. You can create an chic-looking peplum. When it comes to a leather jacket, wear it unbuttoned (or unzipped). It adds a casual feel and gives you a chance to reveal your outfit underneath, without letting you feel the cold with your belt securing your outfit. And be sure not to belt it too tight, which is strangely tempting for some people hoping to create a tiny little waistline. That just ends up looking uncomfortable­ - the most un-chic thing in the world. The belt literally and metaphorically pulls your look together. Fur and leather are perfect combination. In chilly days throw on a faux fur coat on top of the leather "shirt" that you created for extra layers.

I found this furry bag at Zara store, it's so cute and fun!  I love to wear popped colours in cold season!  It's perfect for a playful fall day out!

Forever 21 Cropped T-Shirt (Similar Here)
Zara Leopard Coat (Similar Here)

Friday, October 24, 2014

How to Layer Your Clothes In Fall

When the temp drops, it's all about layering. Just because summer's over doesn't mean you have to put your beautiful maxi dress in storage. I love to layer and play with different constructions and textures in fall. Taking a turtleneck (In my case, it's a lace turtleneck tee) and wearing a summer dress over it. This style is all about proportions. To make my look chic, the maxi dress look sexy and sophisticated, I wore it with a slim-fit, long black cardigan and layered a cropped moto leather jacket on top. If you’re worried about getting cold, add some tights and opt for a sweater instead of a lace tee.

Aritzia Maxi Cardigan (Old) Similar Here
Doma Cropped Vintage Leather Jacket (Similar Here)
H&M Lace Tee
Aldo Pumps
Chanel Clutch
Pandora Rings
Tiffany & Co. Bracelets

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tips on How to Wear Faux Fur This Cold Season

Fall is my favorite season to dress for, because it means layering and gives me an opportunity to play with different constructions and textures. The world is kind of your oyster when it comes to how you’re going to style your clothes. I'm a big fan of fur when it comes to Fall and Winter. My only issue is that sometimes fur coats can be too much out of my price arrange. I'm always on the hunt for ways to make an outfit look more chic, elegant, and yes, expensive-looking, but nothing’s better than being able to achieve all three qualities without having to overspend. How can we achieve? It's all depending on how you pair your outfit. I bought this faux fur jacket for only $39CAD ($35USD), but nobody would guess this was a cheap jacket. I receive a lot of compliments on this outfit. Cropped faux fur jackets are great for teaming with high waisted skirts (shorts)and leggings. Wear a cropped faux fur jacket with leather look shorts, a basic colored t-shirt, and statement jewellery for a chic nighttime look.

Many people are keen to try the fur trend, but have a deep-seated fear of looking like a Furry Creature.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you don't end up looking like Chewbacca.

  • Keep the rest of your look simple. Do not go overboard with fur and wear too many loud pieces at once.
  • Mix high and low. Fur is a very grandiose material, but you can pair it with your favorite jeans and sneakers to dress it down.
  • Not ready to shell out for a coat? Or too afraid to try that much fur at once? Invest in fur accessories or a vest to dip your toe in this trend.
  • Fur can be bulky, so make sure the rest of your ensemble fits close to your body to avoid looking bigger than you are.

Zara Lace Top (Similar Here)
A.B.S. Tall Boots
Rebecca Minkoff Camera Bag

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trending This Cold Season - The Statement Coat

The season of long cozy coats has arrived. Best thing about the cold weather, if any? It’s got to be the clothes & styles we can play around with, and the most important staple for winter is The Coat. A long, lightweight coat is versatile enough to wear over anything from a cocktail dress to boyfriend jeans. No matter what you layer it over, it will always help pull your outfit together a little more. One big thing for 2014 cold season is - coats with mixed textures/fabric.  In my case, I'm wearing a Topshop coat with shearling detail. This detail instantly makes the coat a statement coat. Pairing a pair of oversized sunglasses with your statement long coat will make your outfit look more elegant. Perhaps it’s because so many famous faces have shielded their eyes with the stylish, exaggerated accessory. Whatever the reason, they convey an unquestionably powerful vibe, and they’re easy to find on a budget!

Tory Burch Tall Boots (Similar Here)
Chanel Clutch