Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Beat The Winter Blues

How To Beat The Winter Blues is a piece of advice just about all of us can use once January rolls around. It feels like as soon as christmas is over, winter just drags out and leaves us all aching for sunshine and warm days. It's right about that time that everybody needs to know how to beat the winter blues! Winter blue, a form of mild lethargy and depression caused by a lack of sunshine combined with the psychological effect of the end of the summer, is now thought to affect eight out of ten of us in one form or another. I live in a place where rains 10 months out of one year, winter starts from October and all the way to March! So you can rest assured I have some great ideas on how to beat the winter blues! Keep reading and here are my ways to beat winter blue:
  • Get out in the open air for half an hour every morning
  • Invest in a dawn simulation alarm clock
  • Get gyming or swimming
  • Eat expensive chocolate
  • Book a holiday abroad
Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean your clothes need to be boring and unflattering. There's nothing like feeling cute to be one surefire way on how to beat those winter blues! After all, the clothes matter. Seasonal doesn't have to mean gloomy and gray come fall and winter, but there's certainly a strategy to styling winter brights. Wearing bright colors on yucky days is said to have an effect on your mood throughout the day as well. Because what would you rather be, a girl with a polka dotted pink and green umbrella or one with a black one eager to hibernate all winter?

Metropark Dress (Old, Similar Here)
Doma Hood Leather Jacket
Pandora Rings 

Photo By Julie Doro

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