Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Festival Season

Spring is the music festival season. While the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is happening, we have got other music festivals all over the world. As festival season in full swing, it’s now time to focus what you’re going to wear. Here's the thing about festival fashion, and especially when it concerns what people wear to music festivals. With its mud-covered wellies, denim shorts, floppy hats, and bohemian sundresses, concert style is quickly crystallizing into its own look. Music festival fashion is tend to be laid back, hippie like. So you want to invest something that you can wear after the festival id done. Suede and denim are huge this year, a 70s inspired look is perfect for music festivals. Touch up with flats and simple accessories, you are done! Have fun and dance!

H&M Hat
Chanel Chain Wallet
B2 Sandals (Old, Similar Here)
Vintage Silver Earrings

Photo By Julie Doro

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Boho Chic

I previously wrote a post How To Wear Maxi Skirts This Spring. I was wearing the same maxi skirt and this is another version of how to wearing it. Pair a flowing skirt with a crisp button-down top, a crop top, or even a form-fitting body suit for maximum effect.

H&M Shirt (Similar Here)
Nasty Gal Lace Bodysuit (Old, Similar Here)
Chanel Bag
Pandora Rings

Photo By Julie Doro

Monday, March 23, 2015

Double Peplums

It seems like I haven't updated my blog for a while, I'm having my own battle with cold and flu season over here. That's what happens when the season changes, especially when you have two young kids. I took these photos two weeks ago before getting sick, it was so sunny and the cherry blossoms everywhere. Now the weather changed to dark, gloomy and rainy. I can't wait for Mr. Sun to come out again!

When the weather is warmer, my favorite things to wear are peplums. They are so feminine and flattering. If you are a girly girl like me you will love peplums. Here are a few tips when it come to wearing peplums.

  • Pair with slim fit trousers or skirt, such as skinny pants or a pencil skirt. For trousers, choose ones that are not too tight or body-squeezing. 
  • Mix with a flared mini skirt if you have petite postures, or an above the knee length one if you have ideal to tall postures.
  • Make sure that the peplum's lower line is laid just around your hip or slightly below, unless you want to emphasize your hourglass shape.
  • Wear one size bigger if your regular size squeezes your body. Your purpose of wearing peplum is to look slimmer on the waist, but wearing a very tight one will trigger-off all day long tummy holding which is painful.
  • Choose ones that have lower necklines, or a tube peplum, if you want to look slimmer around your chests.

Chanel Bag
Coach Pumps (Old, Similar Here)
t+j Designs Necklace (Old, Similar Here)

Photo By Julie Doro

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To Wear A Slip Dress In Public

As much as I love lace dresses, some of them are just too hard to wear in a day. Like this one I'm wearing - a lace slip dress and it kinda looks like a lingerie, it almost feels too provocatively to wear during the day though. However in today's fashion world, slip dresses aren’t just for the boudoir anymore. The slinky dress is having a major moment this spring and summer with style-setters wearing it every which way, from layered with a denim shirt or even a T-shirt over it, to solo with minimal accessories. The best part of this fashion trend is that it’ll easily carry you into summer, so in the warmer months layered with sweaters and boyfriend blazers. The possibilities are really endless. Slip dresses are meant to be sexy, and that they are. Want to tone the sexy level of your sex dress down? Turn it into a skirt, layering a T-shirt or a sweater over it, so just a peek of the slip dress is visible. Sexy, yes, but totally acceptable to wear during the day. Click here and here are my other ways of your sexy dresses in a day.

Nasty Gal Lace Dress (Old, Similar Here)

Monday, March 16, 2015

How To Wear Your Sexy Dresses In A Day

Do you have a lot of party/sexy dresses in your closet and you don't know what to do with them? Maybe some of them you only wore a few times, some of them has never been wore and still have tags on. I have a lot of these! As a mother of two young kids, it's not like I could dress up and go party every weekend. So I have to think of a new way to wear these pretty dresses during the day, or even going to a business meeting. I bought this dress for a Christmas party last year, only wore once. I love this dress but never have the opportunity to wear it again. So I layered the dress on top of a bottom down shirt, a white striped blazer on top, and accessorized with pearls and a color coordinated satchel, done, done, done!

Zara Beaded Belt (Old, Similar Here)
Pandora Ring

Sunday, March 15, 2015

How To Dress Down Your Fancy Dresses

Do you have a lot of beautiful dresses that they are too fancy to put on during the day for a causal event? I certainly do. After becoming a mother, I realized that sometimes I need to dress down my fancy clothes. And I found the cool way to dress down your maxi dress this spring, just simply accessorize your lace maxi dress with a pair of simple white sneakers.

Pearl Earrings (I Got From Ebay for $1)

Photo By Julie Doro

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Leopard And Olive

Leopard is one of the classic prints out there for so many years, it's in trend pretty much every season. Leopard is fun to wear and it can be very chic, however it can be difficult when it comes to styling it. Click here,  herehereherehere and here, find out how I styled leopards on my blog.

Zara Playsuit (Old, My Picks are HereHere and Here)
Chanel Bag

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fur Jacket And Flare Jeans

Yes, flares are back. Flares were first created for sailors at the turn of the 19th Century because it was easier to grab them when they fell overboard. Accessorise with ridiculous platforms. Proportion is everything, a tricky balancing act between cool and costume, fashion-forward and frumpy. Three tops to try; the structured tee (in leather, denim, or, if you're feeling up to it, suede), the sporty bralet and the elongated tunic. A sleek crop top and will look sharp teamed with even the most flamboyant flares. But what to wear on your feet? It depends on the length of your flares, but gladiator sandals in the summer or a brown wedge for a decidedly Sixties-Seventies feel. Converse work too and are much easier on the feet. Check out my previous post of How To Style Flared Jeans.

Kelly Wearstler Fur Coat (Old, Similar Here and Here)
Chanel Jumbo Bag
Report Velvet Booties (Similar Here)

Photo by Julie Doro