Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Canadian Layering Style :: Double Double - Double Dresses and Double Jackets

Do you ever stare at your closet full of clothes and feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear? If you're sick of wearing the same old clothes, then you can work on layering your tops, dresses, and skirts to create a new look without having to take a trip to the clothing store. The combinations are endless and you'll be surprised by what fun, original looks you can come up with with a bit of creativity!

Layering your Winter clothes but without adding bulk. This can be one of the biggest styling challenges during the cold-weather season. But when the temperatures drop, there's no other way to stay seriously warm than to pile it on. A perfectly layered look will compliment your curves and create the illusion of a more proportional silhouette.

Despite being sartorially adventurous, we are all guilty of falling into a style rut at this stage in the season. Since exposing swaths of skin will result in immediate frostbite, that's why sometimes you need to layer creatively. One way to incorporate a feminine dress into your winter wardrobe is wearing it over jeans. Pick a filmy slip dress that hits at mid-thigh, top with an oversized turtleneck, and allow the wisps of the dress to flutter as you walk. 

You can double your dresses to make layered ruffles. Make sure choose similar shades, contrasting colors and prints. Exact colors will not accentuate the layered look. Try double your coats like a blazer and a vest, a leather jacket and a faux fur coat and you can gradually peel off the layers as you thaw out. Here is how you can wear you jacket as a shirt under a coat in cold season

Muubaa Biker Jacket (Old, Similar Here and Here)
Aritzia Leather Belt (Old, Similar Here)
House Of Harlow Earrings (Old, Similar Here)
Tory Burch Tall Boots (Old, Similar Here)

Photo by Julie Doro

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