Friday, November 14, 2014

How To Style Thigh-high Boots

Thigh-high boots hit hard this season.  But when it comes to rocking thigh-high boots - a major shoe trend for fall, there's a thin line between tasteful and trashy styling. Here are some tips for you.

No matter how you slice it, thigh-high boots add a serious dash of sex appeal, and it’s for this reason you can rock an otherwise less-than-figure-flattering dress, like a boxy shift or oversized shapeless sweater, which balances the inherent sexiness of the shoe style. Add color, play with layers, or throw on a bright statement bag. If you’re anxious about wearing thigh-high boots as the central focus of your outfit, distract from the shoes by pairing them with bold mixed prints. 

By working a monochromatic look with your thigh-highs, you draw attention away from the severity of the style, and add a subtle touch of high-fashion drama without screaming it from the rooftops. Extra credit for hue-on-hue layering here, too. Adding other interesting accents, such as an embellished belt and fringe purse, will make your look feel more complete.

Overcoats and long trench coats do wonders for thigh-high boots, letting you rock all sorts of short, tight, sexy bottoms if you want to, all the while letting the long cut of the coat slim (and chic up) the look.  Click Here to see how I styled a trench coat with thigh-high boots.

Necklace Layered by TiffanyStandout Boutique and House of Harlow

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