Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Skirts-Over-Pants Trend

You may have noticed the latest trend on a lot of fashion magazines, runways, the skirt and pants wore together. This is an interesting combination, which was popular in the ‘90s, is slowly making a comeback. The idea of wearing skirts over pants has been on fashion’s collective mind in earnest for the past year. You could just add a dress or a skirt over any old pair of pants, but that runs the risk of looking a little haphazard. So there are a few tips may help you to put together this look. 

Match your dress or skirt to your pants for one sleek look. The skirt that I added over my trouser are the same color, the skirt adds some great definition to my waist. So put a peplum dress or skirt over your pants (or leggings) will give you an ultra-feminine ensemble for the cold season and you won't be freezing. I picked a leopard blazer for this look, it adds instant-sass tomy day-and-night ensembles. 

If you are into rock chic look, look for sleek, minimal straight pants in black, white, or gray, with slim skirts that hit at the knee or above. Pair them with a slim button-down, a cropped leather moto jacket, or a hip-length sweater, and you’ll have a new fall uniform!

Koolaburra Fringe Boot (Old, Current Version)
Tiffany & Co. Bangles
Custom Made Gold Earrings (VA for Valentina and Aveline)

Photo by Julie Doro

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