Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wear A Leather Jacket As A Shirt

Cold weather is all about layerings. How can we stay warm and cozy at same time looking chic? How about wear your jacket as a shirt and throw a belt on over it, right at your waist. You can create an chic-looking peplum. When it comes to a leather jacket, wear it unbuttoned (or unzipped). It adds a casual feel and gives you a chance to reveal your outfit underneath, without letting you feel the cold with your belt securing your outfit. And be sure not to belt it too tight, which is strangely tempting for some people hoping to create a tiny little waistline. That just ends up looking uncomfortable­ - the most un-chic thing in the world. The belt literally and metaphorically pulls your look together. Fur and leather are perfect combination. In chilly days throw on a faux fur coat on top of the leather "shirt" that you created for extra layers.

I found this furry bag at Zara store, it's so cute and fun!  I love to wear popped colours in cold season!  It's perfect for a playful fall day out!

Forever 21 Cropped T-Shirt (Similar Here)
Zara Leopard Coat (Similar Here)

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  1. You look gorgeous in this leather motorcycle jacket!