Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How To Look Taller And Leaner

What do I wear to make myself look taller? I have always been seeking the answer, especially in front of the camera. Remember the camera usually adds an extra 5 pounds to your current weight. One thing I found that works very well with me is wearing nude shoes. Nude shoes look great with just about any color and you can even cheat to wear them with super sheer nude hose or nude-colored fishnets. A nude heel (that blends in with your leg’s skin tone), will elongate your legs making them look taller, longer and leaner. Look for a nude shoe that matches the skin colour on your legs. There are so many shades of ‘nude’, so look for that perfect match. If you often like to tan your legs when going out, then keep this in mind when ‘nude’ shoe shopping. A platform style heel will give you extra height. A major benefit of a nude shoes, is that they will go with everything in your wardrobe. It’s just like being bare foot, but with some height.

Besides trying nude shoes, a monochrome outfit can help you look taller and leaner as well. You can also try wearing a V-neck or a long necklace. A well layered outfit can easily give you the appearance of being taller. Wear stockings in the same hue as your skirt or shoes to create an unbroken visual line. A hat can add a few centimetres to the top of your head, and can be a stylish addition to an outfit. When it comes to fashion tips to make you look taller, it’s all about creating length and balance. Stick to longer pants as they elongate the body. Ideally, look for a pair that either skims the ground or hits the top of your shoes.

I wore this dress so many times this fall, it definitely makes me look taller and slimmer! The photo below is from my previous post: Dress on Top of Dress.

Juicy Couture Skater Coat (Old, Similar Here)
Report Booties (Old, Similar Here)

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