Sunday, November 9, 2014

How To Style A Trench Dress This Fall

One of the most quintessential and classic wardrobe staples is a trench coat. Every girl should have a trench coat in her closest. A leather trench coat definitely makes a stetment coat. Many trench coats can easily be worn as trench dresses. But today we are not talking about the trench coat, weare talking about (leather) trench dresses? This is the perfect season for leather dresses. Trench dresses are stylish, functional and make good use for the coat in its off-season. A leather trench dress adds some tough feelto the look, and keeps you warm in the cold season. When it comes to styling the dress, use a creative approach and just the right accessories to bring this look full-circle. Layering with a Fur Coat, a sweater shawl or a Blanket Poncho on top. Finish the look with beautiful jewelry to complement the trench dress. Keep statement pieces to a minimum when wearing a trench dress; the look is already powerful and you don’t want to overwhelm with too many accessories.

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Allsaints Ring
Tiffany & Co. Bangles and Necklace

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