Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Festival Season

Spring is the music festival season. While the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is happening, we have got other music festivals all over the world. As festival season in full swing, it’s now time to focus what you’re going to wear. Here's the thing about festival fashion, and especially when it concerns what people wear to music festivals. With its mud-covered wellies, denim shorts, floppy hats, and bohemian sundresses, concert style is quickly crystallizing into its own look. Music festival fashion is tend to be laid back, hippie like. So you want to invest something that you can wear after the festival id done. Suede and denim are huge this year, a 70s inspired look is perfect for music festivals. Touch up with flats and simple accessories, you are done! Have fun and dance!

H&M Hat
Chanel Chain Wallet
B2 Sandals (Old, Similar Here)
Vintage Silver Earrings

Photo By Julie Doro

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