Monday, December 1, 2014

The Santa Brunch Holiday Look

My ideal holiday brunch will involve a few things: a gaggle of best friends, insanely good-and-gluttonous eats and an excellent outfit. A holiday brunch is the time when you see your old (or hometown) friends for the first time in months; or spending time with your extended families: you want to look good and festive but you also want to dress comfortably enough for the massive amounts of good food and expandable waistlines. Whether you’re invited to someone’s home or to a fancy restaurant, a holiday brunch is one of my favorite holiday events. Before you head home for the holidays each year, you and your closest friends meet up for a lavish brunch - What to wear usually quickly becomes the stressful experience. I have posted quite a few holiday outfit ideas for different types of holiday events. This year for the holiday brunch, I'm going glamorous festive yet comfortable. I picked this beautiful festive red(ish) dress, but covered with a turtleneck sweater for a low-key Sunday brunch. The red leather jacket keeps me warm and bundled outdoor in the cold weather. If I'm going somewhere else afterwards for a late afternoon tea or even in the evening, I can just simply transition to the evening look by only wearing the dress and jacket.

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