Friday, December 12, 2014

Playsuits And Fur Boots

The sheep skin boots have been in stores for years now, and have remained in style and in trend over that time. These boots seem to be us girls go-to everyday comfy fall shoe, but (as we can all agree) the look of these boots (such as UGGs) and how we wear them can go from good to bad VERY QUICKLY. With the leaves changing and the cold weather fast approaching, here are some dos, don’ts, and tips to keep in mind as the weather gets colder.

  • You can wear leggings and a babydoll dress. A babydoll dress can create curves for rectangle-shaped figures or hide those few extra curves. If you are afraid of cold, you can even cheat to wear them with super sheer nude hose or nude-colored fishnets (Just like what I did here).
  • For a high-school look, wear a short skirt with colorful, knee high socks over tights. A nice, simple blouse to go with it and you are ready!
  • The easiest way to wear your sheep skin boots is with your comfortable skinny jeans and a baggy blouse accessorized by a necklace. This way, you will be comfortable, warm and stylish, killing three birds with one stone!
  • Wear baggy pants and tuck them in your sheep skin boots. Accompany this look with a with a tight blouse and cardigan. This is another easy and comfortable way to go about your day in both comfort and style.
  • These sheep skin boots are casual shoes and should be worn with casual, not formal, attire. If you are going to a wedding or out on a date, leave the Uggs behind and opt for something dressier such as pumps or high-heeled boots.
  • Winter, fall, and even spring are good times to wear your sheep skin boots. Wearing them in hot summer weather will most certainly be uncomfortable and you might look out of place. Just because something is a fashion trend does not mean that it can be worn at any time or in any way. It is with careful planning that your style becomes winning!

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