Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Style A Cardigan Coat

With the cold weather in full swing, the winter coat is now the most important article in our cold season closet. When the temperature drops, our coats go from being an extra layer to a must-have functional essential. Since it's not totally freezing yet, cardigan coats are warm enough to be worn in parts of the world with a more mild winter, and it's perfect for keeping you warm – but not too warm – yet still looking chic. The soft knit adds texture while being casual with loose, draping open front, while the jacket thickness and long length adds warmth and sturdiness. How to wear cardigans without looking like your grandma? Mastering the art of the cardigan is a difficult trick. Fitted options can leave you feeling like a Stepford wife, while oversized ones can swallow you whole or make a polished outfit look way too casual. Well the trick to wearing a cardigan coat and not looking like a total throwback is to pair it with simple, modern pieces with a little edge.  Throw a belt on over your cardigan, right at your waist is always a great idea. What are your best tips for styling a cardigan?

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