Thursday, October 2, 2014

Leather Hoodie and Layered Gold Necklaces For A Rainy Day

Last week I met with the lovely jewelry designer Parisa Padidar at Standout Boutique and I picked some beautiful yet subtly edgy gold necklaces from her fall 2014 collection.  Standout Boutique represents unique design creations including handmade jewellery and accessories.  Jewelry is a huge part of my wardrobe and I find it one of the most important finishing touches to an outfit.  These gold necklaces can be worn in multiple ways.  Wear the one chain alone or for a layered, cohesive look.  I love a loud outfit that makes a statement but I also love a chic understated outfit especially on a rainy day. I always resort to layering my gold jewelry to make my laidback outfits feel special.

Topshop Peplum Blouse
DL1961 Jeans
Rachel Zoe Booties
Standout Boutique Necklaces

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