Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Autumn Sweater Set

Wearing a sweater set in Autumn is the simplest way to style ever.  It's easy, your look put-together in 30 second flat.  And, as demonstrated ahead, you are in great company. 

In a beautiful sunny Fall day, nothing will bright your mood like a set of all white sweater pieces!  I'm obsessed with this Gucci sweater set!  I have been keeping an eye on them since last Spring, and I finally got them at end of last Summer at very good price(Yea, I love bargains )!  Although these are Spring collection you can still wear in Fall because you can never go wrong with this color in any season!

Thanks for reading!

Gucci Sweater Set
Converse Sneakers
Karen Walker Sunglasses
Gucci Porch

Photo By Julie Doro

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