Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Look - The Office Party

Ah, the office holiday party. Is there another work event more fraught with peril?  The combination of co-workers, forced holiday spirit, end-of-year stress and cocktails can make for an awkward evening.  Don't make it worse by committing a fashion faux pas.

Nobody wants to top her office's version of the worst dressed list. Be festive, but don't be tacky.  Dress appropriately for the function you're attending. You should know the dress code for your office's holiday festivities -- and if you don't, you should make it your business to find out. Many people take the office party as an invitation to show off "who they really are" and let loose. There's nothing wrong with being yourself, but be yourself within reason.  Click here for more The Office Party looks.

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Gucci Dress
H&M Jacket
Gucci Bag
Tiffany & Co. Bracelet
Christian Louboutin Heels

Photo By Julie Doro

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