Friday, July 24, 2015

Playsuit And Floral Wedges

Aren't these floral wedges gorgeous?  Although they are old (I had them for two years), every time I put them on I feel tall and fabulous.  Wedges are great for girls with thicker ankles; it will make them appear thinner.  If you have thinner calves, they will make them look even thinner.  And I found wedges are much easier to wear then heels.  Wedge shoes are a great alternative to stilettos, and are an instant outfit updater. It’s also a style of shoe that is becoming increasingly popular.  Knowing how to wear wedges stylishly can be as simple as creating a balanced outfit.  Wedges look better when paired with a casual outfit. They look fabulous when paired with a maxi dress or skirt, summer dress, shorts, playsuit, A-line skirt and wide or flared pants.  These are sexy!

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Zara Embroidered Jacket
Topshop Playsuit (Old, Similar Here)
Kate Spade Wedges (Old, Similar Here)
Chanel Bag
Fendi Charms
Dior Sunglasses

Photo By Julie Doro

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