Saturday, April 11, 2015

Transition Winter Wardrobe Into Spring :: Chic Bomber And Tulle Skirt

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! As the weather is warming up I'm starting to transition my winter wardrobe into spring. Mixing up my winter tulle skirt with my spring jacket, matching with a pair of nude sandals. Finish up with a beige shoulder bag and simple associates. The most important fashion technique for making the winter to spring transition, layering your looks will ensure that you are ready for unreliable weather and managing that time between paring down your winter clothes to not yet fully wearing your warmer weather pieces head to toe. For best results use light-weight garments such as blouses, t-shirts, camisoles, leggings or dresses as a base and work up from there. Cardigans, a denim jacket, trench or military style coat, and sheer, thin scarves are excellent tools for creating a layered look and are versatile enough to use as wardrobe staples, meaning you’ll get good fashion mileage for your cost.

Anthropologie Tulle Midi Skirt (Current Version)
Vintage Chanel Bag

Photo By Julie Doro

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