Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Final Winter Stretch :: Fur Coat And Ethnic Dress

You would think being bundled up in the so-called "usual suspects" for the past few months would take away from my creativity, but I've found that my favorite pieces are actually the perfect canvas to build upon as winter persists. Layering, and more layers. The general rapture that I once reserved for winter's first snowfall has quickly morphed into complete resentment (Although I haven't really seen snow in Vancouver this year). This seemingly unending cold has sapped me dry of inspiration. And, with a few tucks, alternatives, and subs here and there, you, too, can reimagine your winter uniform into something you may actually miss come warmer temps. I live in Vancouver, it's February and the cherry blossoms are blooming here! So I would imagine this will be the outfit for Winter weather's final, final stretch in warmth and style — yes, even on the cusp of spring's official start.

H&M Lace Blouse (Old, Similar Here)
Pandora Rings
Tiffany & Co. Gold Bangle
t+j Designs Necklace

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